If you’re wondering where you can go with your registered service dog, the answer is anywhere you have public access to. The following are just 10 examples of places where you can take your furry companion.

1. Restaurants

If you want to go out to eat, your service dog can come, too, to ensure your safety and comfort. Remember to keep your dog well-groomed and clean to prevent contamination.

2. Public Libraries

Although libraries are known for quietness, your dog is welcome to accompany you there. It’s very important that he or she is well behaved so you don’t get asked to leave. Misbehavior and incontinence are the only reasons why a business can require you to leave the premises, though they have to offer you the option of their services without your dog present.

3. Medical Offices

Whether it’s the hospital, dentist, or clinic, your service dog is allowed to enter. However, there may be some off-limit areas, such as operating rooms, due to safety risks or health hazards.

4. Zoos

Your canine friend can go with you on a trip to the zoo. Personnel may worry that the animals may perceive your dog as a predator and become anxious. However, since the animals are exposed to numerous stressors daily, the zoo would have to provide solid evidence that the cause is specifically your dog.

5. Airplanes

Air travel with your registered service dog can be tricky, but is protected by law. Your dog flies for free and usually requires some sort of identification, whether it be documentation, tags, harnesses, or your verbal assurance. This helps speed up the check-in process. If your disability is an emotional or mental one, a doctor’s note may be required.

International destinations may have other regulations you need to be aware of. Call your airline to find out their policies, whether your flight is domestic or international. It’s also recommended that you review the Air Carrier Access Act, which you can find online, to ensure you are being treated fairly and accommodated properly.

6. Stores

If you need to get some shopping done, go ahead and bring your dog. In fact, how crowded, loud, time-consuming, and stressful some stores can get, it’s probably a wise thing to do.

7. Public Schools

Another place you can bring your companion is to a public school. This is another establishment where it’s essential he or she is calm, obedient, and housebroken. Classrooms are not considered public areas and may require additional effort from you to obtain accommodation. It’s best to ask for help from local and state education departments.

8. Work

Your dog is also allowed at your job to help you perform your tasks safely and efficiently. You first will need to notify your employer and usually provide a doctor’s note. As long as it doesn’t put undue hardship on your workplace, your employer will have to comply.

9. Amusement Parks

No family member should be left behind when it comes to having fun at an amusement park. Your dog may be prohibited from getting on certain rides, but the exclusion has to be based on real risk assessment.

10. Movie Theaters

If your dog does well with loud noises, then go see a movie together. The best place to sit is in the center of the row, where fewer people will have to climb over your dog to get to their seats. Another option is next to an open wheelchair spot. Avoid aisle seats.

You are not limited in the places you can go with your registered service dog. It’s good to remember that although businesses can’t ask you for proof of your USA Service Dogs registration, it makes things easier to have it.