While it's not possible to explain to our four-legged friends the crisis facing the country and the world right now, there is no doubt that they can sense when things are wrong. Dogs and cats can sense our anxiety and panic, and will be there to help comfort us during this difficult time. For this reason, our dogs and cats are more essential to our lives, both individually and collectively, than ever before.

Many people have adopted dogs as emotional support animals even before the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, and the crisis is highlighting the important role our emotional support animals can play in helping to alleviate the stress, anxiety, and panic that comes with the global pandemic we are now facing. Now, they can help us practice social distancing more effectively, by entertaining us at home instead of feeling the need to go out.

For those predisposed to chronic anxiety, this can be an especially difficult time. Older people and those with existing health issues are at increased risk of a poor outcome following COVID-19 infection, so we urge those in a high risk group to stay in their homes where possible, rely on their emotional support animals and service dogs for comfort and assistance, and not to be afraid to ask for help from young and healthy friends and family who can run errands, buy groceries, etc.

If we all do our part, we will get through this crisis. In the mean time, USA Service Dogs encourages those confined to their homes to find rewarding ways to spend their time. One of our customers, a retired musician from NY (Rich Liptzin), has decided to use his time while home to compose new music! He is excited to share the song he wrote with us, dedicated to service dogs and emotional support animals, called "You're A Dog," so please click below and enjoy!

From all of us at USA Service Dogs, we encourage you to stay home, stay safe, and remember that we will beat this virus!