Have you been in a public place before and noticed an animal acting inappropriately? Perhaps they were begging for food, or had an accident on the carpet in a store. Whatever the case may be, animals who aren’t properly trained can challenge the validity of service animals. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your dog receives the proper instruction and coaching to behave as an obedient companion in public places. At USA Service Dogs, we offer full service dog certification that ensures the validity of your assistance animal in any situation.

Consequences of a Poorly Trained Dog

When an animal receives an actual service dog certificate, it verifies they are well-trained and able to assist human beings while remaining as invisible as possible. USA Service Dogs has set the standard high for receiving our exceptional service dog certificate, and dogs need to undergo behavior and service training in order to meet the qualifications. This certificate authenticates your dog’s authority. Without it, service dogs don’t meet any specialized training requirements and can undermine the efficacy of the entire service animal program. Here are just a few of the consequences created with a poorly trained service dog.

Businesses Suffer:
When businesses allow poorly trained animals into their building, they are creating a liability and can lose customer support. Nobody wants to eat at a restaurant where a dog is eating table scraps by the kitchen. Nobody wants to shop in a store that smells of urine because of frequent dog accidents on the carpet. Health codes are also at risk, so it’s best to ensure your dog is properly trained and certified before bringing him into public places.

Dogs Stress:
Certified service dogs are specially trained to handle stressful situations and crowds of people. It can be damaging to a dog’s psyche and may cause irreparable harm to their emotional well-being. When an untrained dog is in an uncomfortable environment with crowds of people and small children trying to touch him, they may become scared and show aggression by barking or snarling. This frightens people and customers and could result in lawsuits. It’s best to only use certified service dogs when you venture into public places.

Owner’s Reputation May Falter:
An untrained service dog can do irreparable harm to an owner’s reputation. Not only is the owner disregarding the needs of the business and the public, but they are also putting themselves at risk for fines, loss of the dog and loss of government benefits. Some people may erroneously claim their regular dog is a service animal to receive special permission for the dog to accompany them in stores and businesses. This is not only unethical, but it is also against the law and could result in jail time.

Damages Reputations of Other Service Handlers:
Owners and service handlers who responsibly take certified service dogs into public places suffer when untrained dogs enter businesses and create chaos. Managers begin to associate all service animals as troublesome and may treat owners (many who suffer from disabilities) as second rate customers. Avoid this risky scenario by carrying your dog’s certification papers with you at all times. This allows you to verify the authenticity of your service animal and will help dispel judgments.

Proper Certification for Your Service Dog

Everyone suffers when a poorly trained animal is paraded around town under the guise of a service animal. Ensure your dog has the proper training and authenticity by providing them with a service dog certification certificate from USA Service Dogs. We take the responsibility of dutiful, loyal, law-abiding service animals seriously. Our team can help your dog become a registered and respected companion to help you with daily tasks in public places. Contact us today at (888) 565-DOGS.