LED Service Dog Collar

Introducing our LED Service Dog Collar – an innovative and indispensable accessory meticulously designed to offer unwavering support and recognition to your devoted furry friend. Crafted with the utmost consideration for your service dog's well-being, this collar seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with heartfelt empathy.

The collar features a singular, gentle LED light, radiating a calming and reassuring glow. Offering the flexibility to choose between a slow or fast blinking pattern or a steady red light, this collar acts as a visual beacon, signaling the presence of your service dog and instilling a sense of security for both your companion and those nearby.

Crafted for both comfort and durability, the collar boasts high-quality, soft materials ensuring your furry friend experiences ease during extended wear. The adjustable strap guarantees a tailored fit for dogs of all sizes and breeds, while its lightweight design ensures your devoted friend can wear it throughout the day, providing a continuous source of support.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the LED Service Dog Collar incorporates an intuitive control panel, allowing you to effortlessly customize the blinking pattern or opt for a steady red light. The collar's rechargeable battery ensures sustained use, eliminating the inconvenience of frequent replacements.

And, for added practicality, our LED Service Dog Collar is designed to be waterproof, ensuring durability and versatility for various environments and weather conditions.

More than a fashionable accessory, this collar is a testament to the bond between you and your furry friend. Whether navigating crowded spaces or seeking recognition in public, the gentle illumination serves as a beacon of support, fostering positive interactions and raising awareness about the indispensable role of service animals.

Enhance your service dog's well-being with our LED Service Dog Collar – a sophisticated blend of technology and compassion that transforms your daily routines into moments of comfort, recognition, and profound connection.


$39.99 $29.99


  • Purposeful accessory designed for constant support and recognition
  • Single, gentle LED light emits a calming and reassuring glow
  • Visual cue for the presence of your service dog
  • Promotes a sense of security for your dog and those around
  • Option to choose between slow or fast blinking pattern or steady red light
  • Easy-to-use control panel for customization
  • Rechargeable battery for long-lasting use up to 6 hours, with a 45 minute charge time
  • Waterproof design for durability and versatility
  • High-quality, soft materials ensure comfort during extended wear
  • Adjustable strap for a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes and breeds
  • Lightweight design for comfortable all-day wear
  • Strengthens the bond between you and your service dog
  • Elevate your dog's role and well-being with technology and compassion
  • Ideal for crowded spaces, recognition in public, and raising awareness about service animals