Bark & Beyond Bundle

Bark & Beyond Bundle for Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

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Introducing our comprehensive Service Dog Accessory Set, thoughtfully designed to enhance the daily experiences of both service dogs and their devoted companions. Crafted with durability, functionality, and the well-being of your four-legged friend in mind, each component serves a specific purpose to make your journeys smoother and more enjoyable.

Bracelets: Our bracelets are not only stylish but also serve as a subtle identification method for your service dog. Designed for comfort, these bracelets are lightweight and durable, ensuring that your service dog feels at ease while proudly performing their essential duties.

Keychains: Keep your essentials close at hand with our sturdy keychain attachment. This compact accessory ensures that important items, like keys or other small necessities, are easily accessible during your daily adventures with your service dog.

Carabiner: The heavy-duty carabiner included in our set is designed to securely attach items to your dog's harness or your own belongings. This versatile tool adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to carry additional items without compromising your service dog's mobility.

Waste Bag Dispenser: Maintain cleanliness and environmental responsibility with our convenient waste bag dispenser. Easily refillable, this attachment ensures that you're always prepared to clean up after your service dog, keeping public spaces tidy and hygienic.

ID Card Holder with Zippered Pouch: Our ID card holder not only displays your service dog's credentials prominently but also features a zippered pouch for added storage. Inside, you'll find sanitized wipes, ready to tackle unexpected messes or keep your hands clean during outings.

Certificate Holder: Safeguard your service dog's official documents in our purpose-built certificate holder. The transparent cover ensures that important information is visible and protected, providing a quick reference for anyone who may need to verify your service dog's credentials.

ADA Cards: State your legal rights easily and avoid a confrontation with these ADA Service Dog Info cards. These ADA cards come in a pack of 50 and are perfect to fit inside the ID card holder that comes with our registration kits - a great add-on item!

Invest in our Bark & Beyond Bundle today and embark on your journeys with confidence, knowing that you and your service dog are equipped for any situation while enjoying the utmost comfort and convenience.

Bundle Includes -All Service Dog Mom & Dad Bracelets -All Service Dog Mom & Dad Keychains -Carabiner -Waste Bag Holder/Dispenser -ID Card Holder with zippered pouch containing sanitizing wipes -Certificate Holder -Pack of 50 ADA Cards

$111.00 $59.99


Stylish Bracelets: -Lightweight and durable for your service dog's comfort -Subtle identification method

Convenient Keychains: -Keep essentials easily accessible -Sturdy construction for durability -Compact design for on-the-go use

Versatile Carabiner: -Securely attach items to your dog's harness or personal belongings -Heavy-duty build for reliability -Enhances mobility during outings

Hygienic Waste Bag Dispenser: -Promotes cleanliness in public spaces -Easily refillable for ongoing use -Supports environmental responsibility

ID Card Holder with Zippered Pouch: -Prominent display of service dog credentials -Zippered pouch with sanitized wipes for on-the-go cleanliness -Transparent cover for quick verification

Protective Certificate Holder: -Safeguards official documents

ADA Cards:

  • Pack of 50
  • Give them to business owners and others who are ignorant of the law - the card will explain to them that service dogs are allowed everywhere.
  • Clear, professionally printed text on thick paper is business-card sized so they easily fit in any wallet.
  • States what businesses may and may not ask you.
  • Lists ADA info hotline phone number in case business owner has further questions.