Service Dog & Emotional Support Dog Information

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Service Dog Registration

From guiding the blind to helping protect people during seizures, Service dogs perform many different tasks for those in need. Registering your service dog makes it easier to ensure your rights are respected.

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Emotional Support Registration

Emotional Support Dogs, or commonly referred to as ESA (Emotional Support Animal) provide healing to their owner through affection and companionship. Getting an evaluation and a signed letter from a licensed therapist and registering your dog as an ESA Dog ensures you maximize your rights and benefits.

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Federal Laws for Service & ESA Dogs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affords people with disabilities who have service dogs many protections and rights. These rights are extended to visiting businesses, housing, flying on airlines, hotels, and more.

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Airline Policies for Service Dogs & ESA Dogs

For your convenience, we've listed the airline policies for service dogs and emotional support dogs from all major air carriers in the USA. Browse to see specific airline policy.

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Service Dog & ESA Dogs for Veterans

Many veterans returning from war suffer from a variety of physical and/or emotional disabilities. A Service Dog or Emotional Support Dog is a great way to aid veterans who need daily assistance.

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