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Service Dog & ESA Breeders

With proper training, any dog, whether from the shelter or from a breeder, can be a service dog or emotional support animal. We do not recommend any one breed over another, although some breeds are better suited to assist with certain specific tasks. For example, a Chihuahua would not make a very good seeing-eye dog (dogs like Golden Retrievers would be better for that), but it could serve as a seizure alert service dog or an emotional support animal.

If you are interested in a specific breed of dog to train to be a service dog or an emotional support dog, and have not found a suitable shelter dog for you, we keep an updated list of some reputable breeders below. It is always important to adopt your dog from reputable breeders and that is especially true for service dogs and emotional support animals, as temperament is of utmost concern.

The Ohana Bizness - French Bulldog Breeder

The Ohana Bizness has been breeding French Bulldogs for over 5 years and is based in Phoenix, AZ. A trusted ethical French Bulldog breeder who treats their dogs as family. Their mission is to produce healthy, physically and behaviorally stable dogs that meet the standard. They additionally raise their pups in an environment that is beneficial for the training of an emotional support animal.