Service Dogs & Veterans

We recognize that not all disabilities are visible. Many veterans returning from war may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and require a canine companion. Unfortunately, it may not be obvious to business owners that a person may be suffering from something like PTSD. That's why it's important to carry service dog certification documentation - the last thing a veteran needs after fighting for our freedom overseas is to be harassed about his service animal in a public place.

Other conditions that qualify for emotional support dogs include anxiety disorders, panic attacks, social phobias, fear of flying, among many others. Emotional support dogs are there for companionship and are not required to be trained in a specific task, other than offering you unconditional love. Registering your emotional support dog can also help veterans avoid hassle in restaurants, businesses, and in housing. Psychiatric service dogs are also permitted on airlines with the same rights as non-psychiatric service dogs.

We help support service dogs for veterans!

We proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to K9s for Warriors, a phenomenal organization which rescues dogs from shelters and unites them with our heroes returning from war who may suffer from PTSD. Please see the link below if you are interested in donating as well!

K9s For Warriors