Deluxe Service Dog Registration Kit

Our deluxe service dog registration kit includes:

  • Two physical PVC service dog ID cards
  • Two ID card holder sleeves
  • Physical certificate of registration
  • Digital copy of ID cards, delivered by e-mail shortly after ordering so you can always conveniently pull it up on your phone or print out a hard copy.
  • Durable nylon reflective service dog vest
  • Durable, reflective service dog leash
  • One service dog tag
  • Registration is always good for the lifetime of your dog and never has to be renewed.
  • Includes free shipping (3-7 business days)
  • Same-day processing w/ express shipping available

Our service dog ID cards are highly durable and printed using state-of-the-art ID card printers to ensure they last for the lifetime of your dog. The front side of the card shows your dog's photo and registration information. On the reverse side is the relevant ADA laws and guidelines so you always have that information with you. Click here to view a sample.

The electronic version of your service dog ID card will be delivered by e-mail within 30 minutes and will contain your dog's lifetime registration number for future lookup in our database at any time.

Service dog ID cards, vests, tags, and leashes can help identify your service dog to others as a working service dog (not just a pet) quickly and easily and can help reduce or eliminate unnecessary hassle and questioning when bringing your service dog with you in public.

Service dog ID cards and other identifying accessories are not required by the ADA and are not associated with a government database. They are essentially your working service dog's "uniform" and serve as a way for others to quickly distinguish your service dog from an ordinary pet.

Questions? See our service dog registration article in the info center.

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$229.00 $149.00


  • Includes two physical ID cards + digital ID copy, one physical certificate, and ID card sleeves
  • Digital ID card delivered by email within 30 minutes after placing your order
  • Easy, comfortable, and recognizable service vest
  • Lifetime registration
  • Digital ID card copy available on your mobile device at all times
  • Never have to renew!
  • Overnight shipping available
  • Join a community of over 200,000 service dog handlers who have chosen USA Service Dogs