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Airline Policies for Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals

As of February 18, 2018

Below we've compiled a list of policies for service and emotional support dogs from popular air carriers in the US for your convenience. As these policies may change from time to time, we encourage you to double check with your airline before departure to avoid any last-minute surprises.

In general, service animals and emotional support animals that accompany you on the aircraft in the cabin are expected to be well-behaved, quiet, and may not encroach on the space of another passenger. Very large service dogs may have to fly in a kennel and checked, so if you are in that situation we encourage you to check with your airline before you book a ticket.

American Airlines

Service animals with valid ID cards, harness/tags, written documentation, and/or credible verbal assurance of service dog status welcome on all flights in the cabin at no extra cost. Service animal must be well behaved and may have to travel in a checked kennel if too large. ESA animals may require an accompanying medical note 48 hours in advance of travel time.
View AA Policy Here


Service animals welcome on all flights in the cabin at no extra cost. Service ID cards, vests, and tags are encouraged to speed check in process. Some destinations have quarantine laws for animals or might not permit their entry, please check in advance. ESA dogs may require a note from a doctor.
View Delta Policy Here

Jet Blue

Service Animals shall have identifiers such as identification cards, other written documentation, presence of harnesses, tags or "the credible verbal assurances of a qualified individual with a disability using the animal." If these conditions are met, service dogs fly free with you in the cabin of the aircraft. Jet Blue encourages you to call in advance to let them know you are bringing a service animal. ESA dogs require medical note.
View Jet Blue Policy Here

Southwest Airlines

Service animals allowed on flight at no extra fee in the cabin. ESA dogs require medical note. No dogs are allowed to fly to and from Jamaica, even service animals, due to country specific regulations.
View Southwest Policy Here

United Airlines

Service animals allowed on flight at no extra fee in the cabin. Service dog ID cards help to quickly identify your dog as a service dog. ESA dogs require medical node.
View United Policy Here

US Airways

Required service dog ID card, harness or tags, written documentation and/or credible verbal assurance in order to bring a service animal with you on flight. If successful, service dogs fly for free in the cabin. ESA dogs may require a note and you must notify US Airways 48 hours in advance. Certain other restrictions may apply if you intend to travel to Hawaii. Please contact US Airways in this case.
View US Airways Policy Here

Virgin America

Service dogs fly for free with you in aircraft cabin. Required proof of service dog status includes service dog ID card, service dog vest, harness, and/or tags, or credible verbal statement. ESA dogs may require letter from medical professional. Snakes, reptiles, rodents, and spiders do not qualify as service or emotional support animals.
View Virgin America Policy Here

International Travel

International destinations, even on US based carriers, may have different policies and may not always conform to the guidelines set forth by the ADA. Some countries require proof of vaccination, specialized vet forms and documentation, or may forbid service dogs from entering at all due to quarantine or other policies. We strongly encourage you to call your airline in advance to check their policy before attempting to board your international flight with a service dog or emotional support dog.

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